Clear Nude Magazine


by Lana Adams

This is a selection of images from an ongoing body of work called Months. The series is about the connections I experience with another human being, about growing with and learning how to fit with others. Forming connections fulfills me, whether it’s being one with nature or studying the intricate details of another person. I have spent five years learning about Max, the male in these photographs, and the photos are part of the ongoing progression of this growth. I must capture things photographically. I don’t know why, I just do.
Nan Goldin wrote, “The instant of photographing, instead of creating distance, is a moment of clarity and emotional connection for me.” Instead of putting up a barrier, the camera allows me to relate in another dimension, building on the physical or emotional. I hope to express the depth of this connection in my photographs.

Nudity was not a conscious choice in any of these photos, rather they are fragments of our life together. I took them as I experienced them, because honesty is important to me. While I may not always be able to be sincere with myself, I find it is hard to lie through a photograph. The body doesn’t lie – the face, perhaps, but not the body. It shivers when it is cold, withdraws when it is nervous, and shares its warmth with other bodies – it follows its instincts without censoring them. I like that; it’s a beautiful thing.

I have come to learn about my own body and Max’s through documenting Months. I have come to understand how our bodies interact together. I find it difficult writing about my photographs sometimes. I like them to express what it is that exists within them on their own terms. ‡


(Previously published in Clear Nude magazine Issue II, Spring 2o14)


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